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Pastor Running for Congress Features AR-15, Democrats Depicted as Klansmen Coming to Lynch Him in Campaign Ad

Jerone Davison
Screen grabs via Twitter

Jerone Davison, an Arizona pastor running as a Republican for a seat in Congress, recently promoted his campaign with a controversial ad that featured an AR-15 and depicted Democrats as Klansmen seeking to lynch him. 

Running to represent a district of Arizona that includes the cities of Tempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, and Chandler, the main issues Davison is addressing with his campaign are education, free speech on the internet and social media, and election integrity. 

Internet free speech and election integrity have been key talking points for many Republican candidates following the 2020 presidential election. Former president Trump has continued to contend, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that widespread voter fraud was the determining factor in his loss to Joe Biden.

Trump’s ongoing insistence that the presidential election was “stolen,” has become an essential part of some Republicans’ platforms, including the Texas Republican Convention

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Following the 2020 election, Trump received a lifetime ban from Twitter for spreading misinformation, as have a number of conservative voices in the years following, both for misinformation and hate speech, particularly with regard to comments directed at the LGBTQ community.

“Jerone is a former Arizona State University student athlete and NFL player who travels the country sharing inspiration, passion, and faith. His unifying speeches full of truth, faith, and freedom of this country are memorable and moving,” Davison’s campaign website says. 

“Faith to me is life. A relationship with a true and living God. Faith helps us change the world. In Christ alone my hope is found. He is my light, my strength, my song. Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase,” Davison says, declaring that “God is with us.”

Davison is also a former NFL running back who played two seasons for the Oakland Raiders. 

While gun regulation does not appear to be a main feature of his campaign, based on his website, Davison’s new ad makes clear how he feels about gun control. 

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“Democrats like to say that no one needs an AR-15 for self defense—that no one could possibly need all 30 rounds,” Davison narrates in the ad over images of a menacing Klansman with Democratic Party patches on his chest and arm, holding a barbed wire bat and walking toward what is presumably Davison’s residence. Davison sits at the kitchen table drinking coffee out of a star spangled mug.