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Faith on the Field: Coaches Were Watching Supreme Court Decision Closely

“I’m having those same kinds of interactions now,” said the younger Rodgers. “I see them at weddings and their jobs. We’re building a house and the guys doing the electrical and HVAC work are some of my former players from Crosbyton.”

“He’s a quality guy who loves the Lord and applies his faith to his family, community and work,” Griffin said.

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Rodgers credits the fellowship and support he gets from FCA and Coaches Outreach, whose discipleship materials he uses for his personal Bible study. Such organizations help him remain focused on his role as a coach and Gospel witness.

For example, the Sundown field house will soon have a board promoting a pyramid of success, modeled after the one made famous by UCLA coaching legend John Wooden. Philippians 4:13 will be at the top.

“We want to win state titles, but the ultimate goal is to press on toward the prize in Christ Jesus,” Rodgers said. “We don’t preach and give sermons, but point players in the right direction.”

And if the Supreme Court’s decision had gone the other way?

“I wouldn’t change a lick. That coach wasn’t going to, either,” he said. “You can’t separate Christ from who you are. We’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing.

“We’re not infringing on anybody, but just living our life and trying to influence and mold young people. If they see something they know is the truth they’re going to follow it. You can’t fake your way through that.”

This article originally appeared at Baptist Press.