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UK Christian Minister, Former Mayoral Candidate Fired for Saying Marriage Is ‘Between a Man and a Woman’

When L&Q officials asked Martin about her religious beliefs on marriage, she said, “This is freedom of speech. What’s the point in being allowed freedom of speech if you can’t have it?”

Although Martin’s campaign material doesn’t mention her employer’s name, L&Q claims it could “be easily linked” to her through her social media posts. According to minutes of the HR meeting, L&Q senior manager Graham Swanton told Martin, “I completely agree that your views are your views. However to air them so publicly when you’re clearly linked to L&Q, can you see how that could bring L&Q into disrepute?”

Martin says she had told L&Q that she was CPA president. She also insists her personal and religious beliefs play no role in her on-the-job performance. “My view doesn’t affect my job in any way,” she says. “I’ve never displayed or raised homophobic opinions in any form in my job.”

Martin adds, “I would not treat people in any way other than professionally.” She insists she is “quite within my right to…say what I want to say. You have the right to disagree with me. That’s the essence of free speech.”

The U.K. is “in big trouble” if it doesn’t “make our minds up” about whether it’s a “free country,” Martin adds. She says her firing is “unjust” and that she’s “being persecuted.” She also accuses L&Q of breaching her human rights, as set forth in the European Convention on Human Rights.

“I have a right to express my own Christian beliefs in my own private time and should not be required to self-censor valid beliefs on marriage, abortion, and U.S. politics,” Martin says.

Lawsuit Challenges ‘The LGBT Cartel’

Now Martin is taking L&Q to court, suing them for unfair dismissal, discrimination, and harassment. Her legal team at the Christian Legal Centre says it has “never seen a case like this.”

Martin’s political party, the CPA, says that “offense is part of a functioning society.” About the U.K., it adds: “This fine nation once stood on the pedestal of freedom of speech; however, this unparalleled action seems to be a way for the LGBT Cartel to dictate our thoughts and feelings. We simply can’t have a nation that prosecutes citizens for speaking out against immoral behavior or for having a different opinion.”

The wording about marriage on Martin’s pamphlet is almost identical to information in the CPA’s election manifesto. In the mayoral race in May, she received just 1.5% of the vote.