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‘You Just Pray’: Mother Reports Son Planning a High School Killing Spree, Pleads With Parents

Because of Schubert’s actions, her relationship with her son is fractured. He even warned her that if she did the GMA interview, he wouldn’t speak to her for a very, very long time.

“If there’s a possibility to save even one, one person, one child, I think it’s worth it,” the mother said, expressing that she doesn’t regret reporting her son to the police, because it saved lives.

“Stay in their business,” Schubert advised parents. “Even if they don’t like it; they’re not going to like it. But, as parents, it’s our job to know what our kids are doing. Just be aware, and watch for signs. Kids will normally tell you by their actions when something is wrong.”

Schubert believes that the parents of children who carry out mass shootings should be held responsible to a certain point.

“Now obviously, we can’t control our children’s actions all the time. Who can? But they’re signs that you know something’s not right sometimes,” she said. “You know, why is he acting weird? Why is he so to himself?”

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Schubert explained that she would check her son’s room and ask him what he was doing and where he was going.

“He hated it,” Schubert said, “but he’s alive, and everyone’s alive, and he’s not in jail.”

“You just pray. You just pray that God helps them make the right choices through life. Because what else can you do? He’s my child. I love him unconditionally. I’ll always be there for him. I’ll always love him, no matter what he does,” Schubert said.

Schubert’s son is currently working and has plans to go to college.