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Evangelist’s Casual Conversation With Stranger Leads to Beach Baptism Moments Later

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Photos courtesy of Greg Stier.

Evangelist, author, and Dare 2 Share Ministries founder Greg Stier shared a gospel experience he had while on vacationing in Hawaii this past week.

Stier posted about the encounter on Instagram, sharing that he was sitting by a man on a beach in Kihei (Maui) when the two struck up a conversation after the stranger heard Stier’s wife sharing the gospel with another beachgoer.

The man, named Trev, is a triathlete who was also on vacation with his family. While talking about Trev’s job, family, and his life, Stier turned the conversation to the gospel and found out that Trev had recently put his faith in Christ. Nevertheless, Trev still had questions regarding the spiritual decision he made.

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Stier was able to help Trev with some of those questions, and Trev in turn asked Stier if he’d baptize him in the ocean right then. Without hesitation, Stier said, “of course,” and encouraged Trev to call his two grown daughters, who were in their rented condo nearby, as witnesses.

After his daughters arrived on the beach, Stier baptized Trev in the presence of a small crowd of witnesses.

“Pray for Trev as he grows in Christ. Thankfully, he has got a solid church he goes to back home,” Stier said.


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Stier encouraged other Christians to just “be ready” to share the gospel.

“People tell me all the time, ‘Crazy stuff always happens to you,’” Stier said. “But I believe that significant spiritual moments of transformation are waiting to happen all around us all the time. We just need to, by faith, step into that zone.”

Don’t be afraid to bring up Jesus in conversations, Stier encouraged, saying, “Ask God to open your eyes to the miraculous ready to happen—then dive in when that moment happens.”

The evangelist told ChurchLeaders that he was able to give Trev his recent book “Unlikely Fighter: The Story of How a Fatherless Street Kid Overcame Violence, Chaos, and Confusion to Become a Radical Christ Follower,” wherein he wrote down the date of his baptism so he wouldn’t ever forget.

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Stier also took Trev through the process he explains in a YouTube video titled, “Learn to Share the GOSPEL in 5 Minutes!

“I’ve been able to share the gospel just about every day on this trip. It’s been awesome,” Stier told ChurchLeaders, demonstrating the fact the most important conversation a Christian can have with someone is a conversation about Jesus Christ.