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Tony and Lauren Dungy: On Faith and Family, Football and Race, Winning and Losing

Lauren, your Dungy Family Foundation has been supportive of crisis pregnancy centers. In light of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, do you anticipate your foundation is going to take particular steps as more women don’t have access to abortion when they are facing unexpected pregnancies?

LD: We’ve always been proponents for life beginning at conception, and we’re outspoken about that, and we will be there. We are supportive of moms that have made the courageous decision to carry their baby and then place for adoption or seek help so they can raise their child. Our foundation will stand in the gap and help those moms in crisis. We understand there are situations where they have to raise the baby and they don’t have the support of family or their spouse or partner. But we do believe all life is precious, and God does not intend to terminate life for any reason. So our foundation is committed to walking alongside these women in crisis and helping them.

Football players are sometimes known for thanking God when they win, or when they score a touchdown. Tony, you described in adolescence that you were a sore loser.


TD: Very much so.

What do you think football players and others, for that matter, should do when they lose a game or something else?

TD: I think the world looks at us in our times of disappointment much more so than they look at us in our times of triumph. If I see someone who wins the Super Bowl and they give credit to God, I’m going to say, well, that’s normal. That’s a natural thing. How is that person going to be when it doesn’t go well? For me, that was always convicting. I have to model my behavior and model my dependence on Christ even when we don’t win. So how are people going to look at me when I get fired? How are they going to look at me when we do lose the game on a bad call at the end of the game? That to me is much more important than how I act when things are going smoothly.

And you still need to be thankful or grateful about the loss?

TD: Absolutely. And what can I learn from it and where does it go? We learn a lot more from defeats. We learn a lot more from trials than we do from everything going smoothly. That’s when you grow, to me. In those situations, what is God trying to show me? What can I learn from this? How can I use this to make myself better?

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