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Rams WR Van Jefferson’s Wife Goes Into Labor During Super Bowl; Posts ‘Too Much to Be Thankful For’

Van Jefferson
Screengrab via YouTube @TODAY. (Left Top) Screengrab via Twitter @BleacherReport.

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Van Jefferson had the opportunity to assist two MVPs on Super Bowl Sunday. One was helping distract defenders away from Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kupp in the Rams’ win over the Cincinnati Bengals (23-20), and the other was his wife giving birth to their second child right after the game.

After catching four passes in the biggest game of his career, Jefferson got two “WINS” on Super Bowl Sunday, less than three hours apart from each other. Wynn is one of two names the Jefferson’s had picked out for their newborn son. Myles was the other.

It was around 7 PM PST that Jefferson and his Rams teammates won the Super Bowl. Just over two hours later, his son was born at 9:17 PM PST.

Jefferson’s wife, Samaria, tweeted two days before the game, “Cant believe I’m about to watch my husband play in his first Super Bowl in a couple days and welcome our new baby in the same week. Thank You, God 🤍.”

Earlier this week, Samaria told TODAY co-hosts that she started having contractions the morning of the Super Bowl. But since they were still spaced out, she decided to go to the game.

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“We got to the game,” Samaria said. “I was walking up to the stands, sat down, still contracting, but they were still spaced out. So I’m like ‘Okay, we’re good. I’m fine. I’m just going to keep pushing through.’” Samaria shared that she was contracting the entire time she was at the game.

Although the contractions started to get more intense, Samaria was determined to be at the game to watch her husband compete in his first Super Bowl.

“Every five to ten minutes, I’m wincing in pain—it was just crazy,” she shared. It was during halftime that Samaria knew she needed to go to the hospital, because her baby was about to be born.

NFL Network reporter Bridget Condon posted on Twitter, “I’m pretty sure I just saw Van Jefferson’s wife leaving the stadium on a stretcher about to have their baby. Talk about dedication.”

Jefferson was unaware that his wife was going into labor, because Samaria didn’t want him to be distracted during the game. It wasn’t until immediately after the game was finished that he was told what was happening.

Video captured Jefferson literally running out of the stadium en route to be with his wife at the hospital.