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‘As Christ Said, Judge a Tree by Its Fruits’: Alex Jones Dumps Trump for DeSantis

“Now, I mainly just talk about philosophy and the big picture, and then have some guests on,” Jones testified regarding the web show. “The show’s gotten more Christian, you know, because I’m a Christian. But as things progressed with all the things happening in the world, I’m moving more towards doing a self-help, life experience type show than the political show.”

“If we’re not able to change ourselves, then we’ll never be able to change the world. And I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And I’ve learned a lot in that process,” Jones went on to say.

While Jones’ pivot to more faith-oriented content is recent, mingling conspiracy theories with varying versions of Christian belief is nothing new for him. In 1993, Jones gained widespread notoriety for his coverage of the Branch Davidians massacre in Waco, Texas. Jones was a radio host in Austin at the time. 

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The Christian cult, led by David Koresh, had barricaded itself in a compound at Mount Carmel Center ranch just outside of Waco, leading to a 51-day standoff that ended in 86 deaths. All but four of the Branch Davidians died, including Koresh. 

Following the incident, Jones raised $93,000 from listeners to rebuild a church on the site of the compound where the massacre had occurred, based on his supposed belief that the group was a peaceful religious organization. 

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Jones is currently facing another defamation lawsuit in Connecticut.