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Brooklyn Pastor Challenges Comedian D.L. Hughley to Boxing Match, Vows To Knock Him out ‘In the Name of Jesus’

“What I want to do—meet me in the ring,” Whitehead said, addressing Hughley directly. “Because y’all think you can walk over pastors, let’s set up a celebrity match. Me and you in the ring.”

“Because you run your mouth behind the mic, right? And y’all think that these preachers are punks behind the pulpit. And when somebody try to make sense out of nonsense and you sit there and support the men that robbed me and robbed my church, and you support them on syndicated radio—Listen, D.L. Hughley, let’s meet in the ring, in the name of Jesus,” Whitehead said. 

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Whitehead went on to say that he and Hughley were two “tough guys” who needed to work out their problems in the boxing ring. 

“After I knock you out, in the name of Jesus, right, then I’m going to pick you back up, and I’m going to say, ‘Do you see me in a different way now,’” Whitehead said. “How can you be mad at my success? How can you be mad at my closet? You sitting here mad at my closet! Are you kidding me?”

In a subsequent live video, Whitehead said that he would put up a million dollars for the fight.

Media site The Shade Room subsequently reposted Whitehead’s challenge on their own Instagram page, where it was discovered by Hughley. 

“What ‘Pastor’ you know can ‘PUT UP A MILLION DOLLARS RIGHT NOW??’ Reading from the book of Scamalations,” Hughley commented. 

Whitehead responded, writing, “DL Your (sic) a PUNK! You picked The Wrong Pastor To Try And Walk Over! DL Let’s Work It Out In The Ring! All I Need Is One Round!”

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In conjunction with his public feuds with critics, Whitehead has also been advocating for pastors to immediately be given access to firearms for their protection, regardless of their criminal history.