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Hillsong Interim Pastor Phil Dooley Addresses Lawsuit Against Church; Brian Houston Preaches Comeback Sermon at Seattle Church

Christian Faith Center settled with the accuser outside of court for an undisclosed amount in 2018. Former employees have also called the church’s financial dealings into question. 

When Houston took the stage at Christian Faith Center, he discussed leaving “a legacy that outlasts you.”

“When you live to create legacy, you somehow determine in your world, how[ever] big or small it is, the world you’re going to leave behind is going to be a better place than when you arrived,” Houston preached. “You think that’s actually possible? I think it’s possible.” 

Houston went on to express that “legacy can take a lifetime to build, and we can damage it, we can dent it, in just a moment.”

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Later in the sermon, Houston offered a personal story from five decades ago to illustrate his point that God doesn’t write people off. 

Houston said that when he was 17 years old, his church had a Christian campsite that stood at the end of a remote gravel road. Being a teenager, Houston enjoyed speeding up over the hills on the road. One time, however, as Houston came over the top of a hill, he accidentally struck a horse, killing it. While a young woman was riding the horse at the time, she escaped the incident with only minor injuries. 

“But my car was totaled,” Houston said, noting that it was miraculous that no one inside the car was injured either. “But my car was written off. You know the amazing thing? God didn’t write anybody off. It takes a lot for God to write you off. That’s why I say your legacy hasn’t been determined just yet.” 

“But people will write people off. People are harder on people than God is—by far,” Houston went on to say. “Cancel culture will write you off.” He added, with a chuckle, “Maybe social media trolls, if you get any of them—because I get none—they might write you off.” 

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“But God won’t write you off,” Houston said. “We may dent our legacy, but that’s not the same as totaling it, writing your legacy off.”