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Kentucky Disaster Relief Trains More Than 200 Volunteers in Weekend Event

Crow said attendees at these training events are typically those older than 50, who often have more free time, but the recent disasters have brought in some younger volunteers as well.

Disaster Relief training includes small-group sessions to learn about specific aspects of the ministry.

Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief is even partnering with campus ministry directors to develop a training designed for college students.

Crow added that the trainings give state DR workers the opportunity to show the partnership that exists among all Southern Baptists.

“These events help us show people that Kentucky Baptists are not alone,” Crow said. “We tell people at these events there were 19 different state conventions who responded to the flooding in our state, including a couple that are still here ministering. This really shows the Cooperative Program in action.”

Through this cooperative work of Southern Baptists, Crow said there have been 90 baptisms officially reported since relief work began in July.

He encouraged any Kentucky Baptists wanting to get involved to attend an upcoming training in London, Ky., Oct. 8, which will be the last training event of the year.

“There are a variety of skills needed to be prepared for this type of ministry, and Scripture mandates that we prepare and equip the saints for ministry,” Crow said.

“Something happens in the heart and life of a Christian when they are so moved that they want to be a part of this type of ministry. DR work models and compassion ministry of Jesus and helps change the lives of not only those we minister to, but our volunteers as well.”

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