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Halloween Is a ‘Trick of the Devil,’ Warns Satanist-Turned-Christian

He’s also determined to “pay the enemy back” after 25 years of wasted service. “I was a general to the kingdom of darkness,” says Ramirez, so if any Christians argue that Halloween is OK, they’re “very delusional.” The only harvest celebration he endorses now is “the harvest of souls.”

These days, Ramirez lives “in the church of the book of Acts,” witnessing powerful manifestations, miracles, and conversions from the occult and New Age practices. Because seeing life transformation is “priceless,” he says, “I’m gonna do that until God calls me home. When I leave this world, I’ll make Jesus Christ proud… I play for keeps.”

Some families and churches use Halloween as an outreach opportunity, but faith leaders advise discernment. Bible teacher John Piper notes that Christmas, Easter, and birthdays also once had pagan connections. “I hope all Christians think biblically and carefully about any holiday, any event, and how they might be salt and light in it,” writes Piper. “I’m willing to run the risk of attachment to worldliness in order to be biblically faithful in witness.”