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Halloween Is a ‘Trick of the Devil,’ Warns Satanist-Turned-Christian

john ramirez

As the annual debate nears about whether Christians should celebrate Halloween, one man who spent 25 years immersed in Satanism issues a strong warning. John Ramirez, a born-again minister who strives to “make Jesus Christ proud,” tells CBN News he once “sold my soul to the devil.” He got married on Halloween in a “demonic wedding” and baptized his 11-year-old daughter “to the dark side.”

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Satanism was his entire life, Ramirez tells Charlene Aaron. He “breathed, ate, and slept witchcraft,” trying to “capture” people for the devil by astral-projecting and placing curses.

Don’t ‘Cheat on God’ Says John Ramirez

When asked why he does not advise Christians to celebrate Halloween, even through Trunk or Treat events or biblical costumes, Ramirez says, “I don’t see how you can cheat on God…on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Satanists don’t come hang out with Christians on Good Friday, he notes, so “why would you put your kids, your family…your whole eternity on a demonic altar? … Why would you bring that kind of curse into your house and curse your family for three to four generations?”

Don’t be fooled by fun aspects of the secular holiday, Ramirez warns parents. “People from different walks of life pray over these candies,” including witches. Then kids put that stuff into their bodies.

Pointing to the Fall in Genesis 3, Ramirez says Adam and Eve lost everything through one mistake. Though they were made in God’s image, Satan tricked them with sin and changed their identity. So even if you dress kids up as Bible figures, observing Halloween involves “changing your kids’ identity.” That, he adds, “is the trick of the devil.”

Ramirez quotes Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, as saying, “I want to thank every Christian parent for allowing their child to celebrate Halloween—the devil’s holiday—one time a year.” (The church denies LaVey said that.)

As Payback, Pastor Harvests Souls for Jesus

As a Christian minister, Ramirez now spreads his warnings about Halloween wherever he goes. Some churches get mad at him, he says, but “God told me to speak the truth.”