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Candace Cameron Bure: Marital Sex Shouldn’t Get ‘Such a Bad Rap’

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Screengrab via YouTube @ Mayim Bialik

During a recent interview, actor and outspoken Christian Candace Cameron Bure spoke about the importance of a healthy sex life within marriage. Bure, star of “Fuller House” and numerous movies, has been married to retired pro hockey player Val Bure for 26 years. She admits she’s disappointed that “sex within marriage gets such a bad rap” because they’re both “happier…when we’ve had sex.”

Bure, who has been frank about this topic in the past, addressed it most recently on the “Bialik Breakdown” podcast. Speaking to fellow former child actor Mayim Bialik, Bure says she wants to emphasize the importance of marital sex without being too graphic or grossing out the couple’s three young-adult children.

Candace Cameron Bure: Sex Is ‘Important Part’ of Marriage

On the podcast, Bure, 46, says although she and Val “don’t have a schedule” for intimacy, they strive to “make time for each other” and “still love each other physically.” She adds, “I’m a happier person and my husband’s a happier person when we’ve had sex.”

It’s “important to share what a healthy sex life within marriage can be,” she says. “It’s an important part of the relationship that we make time for one another, that we still love each other both physically, spiritually, mentally. … It all comes hand in hand.”

Bure adds, “In our culture and society today, it’s always like, ‘Oh, you’re married 10 years, when was the last time you had sex?’ That’s always the joke and it can be funny, and I can roll with it.” But she surmises that when a marriage “goes south,” that might be “all the more reason” to rekindle your sex life.

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When Bialik said a couple’s problems might not be related to intimacy, Bure pushed back a bit. “But there are days when it is about the sex,” she says, “and we’ve had those conversations.” Bure admits, “Some days you just need the release, and it’s just about the sex.” To that, Bialik replies, “We’re human beings and we crave connection and especially in a partnership, especially when there’s stress and when you’re dealing with kids and jobs.”

Val Bure, 48, was raised in Russia, so he’s usually “much more reserved” and “more serious about life,” according to his wife. But “when there’s that playfulness,” she notes, “there is nothing that makes me happier and more attracted to him.” Because laughter is one of the actor’s “love languages,” she says she loves when her husband makes her chuckle.