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Toddler With Special Needs Found Dead at Christian Daycare

Dinari Lindsey
Screengrab via Crime Online

On Friday (October 7), a 2-year-old boy with special needs was found dead at a Christian daycare run out of a home in Edenton, North Carolina. He was discovered upside down in a five gallon bucket that contained three inches of water. 

CorNyeah Lindsey had dropped off her son, Dinari Lindsey, at Open Arms Christian Ministry on Friday before work. She described Cliff and Effie Beaman, the couple who operated the daycare, as being like grandparents to Dinari. They had provided childcare for Lindsey’s other children, and Lindsey had even stayed with them for a period of time after giving birth to Dinari. 

Dinari reportedly lived with autism, as well as poor vision and hearing, which required glasses and a hearing aid. 

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While at work, Lindsey said that she received a phone call that Dinari was at the hospital. When she arrived, she was met by a Sheriff’s deputy who told her that her son had passed away. 

According to Lindsey, police said that Cliff Beaman had flagged down a Sheriff’s deputy as he was driving by and told him that he was searching for a 2-year-old boy who had gone missing. The officer reportedly found Dinari upside down in a bucket after spotting his feet among other items outside of the home.

When Dinari was discovered, he reportedly was not wearing his glasses or hearing aid. 

When questioned about what happened, Effie Beaman said that Dinari had slipped away while she was using the restroom. When asked why she didn’t put Dinari in the playpen near the restroom, she could not provide an answer. 

“I want justice for my son,” Lindsey told WAVY. “I trusted them.”

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While no charges have been filed, the Chowman County Sheriff Department and Department of Social Services are continuing to investigate the incident. An autopsy will be forthcoming.