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Christian Influencers Bid Twitter Farewell in Light of Possible Crash

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Photo by Joshua Hoehne (via Unsplash)

The first few weeks of Elon Musk’s tenure as CEO of Twitter have been eventful. 

From the moment that Musk walked through the lobby of Twitter headquarters carrying a porcelain sink to the initial layoff of roughly half the company’s employees and subsequent firings and resignations, the entire ordeal has been live-tweeted, including an exchange wherein Musk apparently fired one employee via a public tweet. 

On Thursday (Nov. 17), Twitter employees were locked out of the company’s headquarters, for unknown reasons, until Monday. Some have theorized that the lockout was made in an effort to tamp down on the possibility of outgoing employees sabotaging the company, though those reports have not been confirmed. 

Regardless, by Thursday evening, many had begun responding to reports that Twitter might soon become unavailable in light of the myriad employee departures resulting in a deficit of domain experts responsible for maintaining the website and app. 

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As many influencers, including Christian leaders, have spent years building their audience on the platform, the possibility of its disappearance has been cause for alarm. As a result, many Christian influencers with large followings have scrambled to alert their followers to other platforms where their content can be found. 

Additionally, some have been bidding their Twitter community an emotional farewell, in case the site does in fact crash over the weekend. 

Author and Bible teacher Beth Moore tweeted, “I AM NOT SAYING BYE!!!! But, just in case, I’ll go on record with this. Gah, I’ve had a blast with y’all. I wouldn’t have made it the last 6 years without y’all. I reckon I’d have…well…gone home. God bless y’all. Hold tight to Jesus. He’s not like us. He’s faithful to the end.”

“Hope to talk to you just like always in a day or two. Or in our beloved @HeatherTDay’s words, I’ll See You Tomorrow,” Moore went on to write, referencing the title of Heather Thompson Day’s new book. 

Moore, who is a favorite among many Christian Twitter users, is also a highly sought after podcast guest. 

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“If Twitter is really dying, then I’m going out shooting my shot: @BethMooreLPM will you be on our podcast!!?!?!??! :),” tweeted Mike Erre, teaching pastor of Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and host of the Voxology podcast.