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‘Nothing That God Can’t Do’: Deion Sanders Thanks God for Opportunity To Coach at University of Colorado

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Screengrab via YouTube @Pac-12 Networks

On Dec. 4, Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was introduced as the new Head Coach of the University of Colorado’s football team.

Though Sanders has been the subject of criticism for leaving Jackson State University, a historically Black university in Mississippi he had been helping to revitalize, after serving as head coach of that team for three seasons, Sanders was all smiles as he committed to stepping into his new role at CU.

During the press conference, wherein Sanders was presented with a jersey featuring the moniker “Coach Prime” as an homage to his “Prime Time” nickname from his playing days, Sanders repeatedly referenced God in his remarks, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to coach at the University of Colorado. 

“Don’t you ever tell me what God ain’t,” Sanders said to begin his address. “Don’t you ever tell me his limits. Don’t you ever tell me what you’re up against and what you can’t do.”

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“Of all the persons in the world, God chose me. For that, I thank [him]. For that, I love him. For that, I magnify him. For that, I glorify him. For that, I praise him. For that, I owe him. Each and every day, I’m trying to please him,” Sanders said, going on to commend Rick George, who serves as athletic director for the University of Colorado.

“Rick is a whole nother thing,” Sanders said, eliciting a laugh from those in the room. “I met my match.” 

“I met somebody who was profound, that was passionate, that was caring, that stood on morals—God-fearing man, devoted husband, understands the game, understands people, understands life,” Sanders went on to say. “And he will not stop till he’s accomplished all that he’s set out to accomplish—against adversity, simultaneously.

“And he stopped me in my tracks and made me ponder the thought that a Florida boy, who resides in Texas, could come to Colorado,” Sanders remarked. 

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“It’s funny how God always takes me to the unthinkable and provokes me to do the things that people wouldn’t fathom doing,” mused Sanders, who in addition to his 14 NFL seasons played 641 games of Major League Baseball across four different teams.