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Worship Leader With Ties to Harvest Fired From Colorado Megachurch

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David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Andi Rozier, a longtime worship leader and former Vertical Worship band member, has been terminated from New Life Church in Colorado Springs. According to Executive Pastor Brian Newberg, “Andi is no longer a part of our pastoral team” because of a “relationship with a woman from another city.”

In a statement to ChurchLeaders, Newberg indicates the issue is an employment matter. But he says the church has talked with staff and congregants about Rozier’s termination.

“We have already engaged in a communication process with our church,” Newberg says. “Our staff was communicated to last week, and our congregation was communicated to in-person at our weekend services.” He adds, “We are walking alongside Andi’s wife and children to help them heal.”

Report: Vertical Worship Leader Had Previous Moral Failings 

Before coming to New Life in 2021, Rozier served for almost two decades at the Chicago-area Harvest Bible Chapel. According to investigative journalist Sarah Einselen, Harvest removed Rozier from ministry for moral reasons.

James MacDonald, the Harvest founder who was fired from the church in 2019, said in a statement obtained by The Roys Report that moral reasons were behind Rozier’s removal—but that after “extensive counseling/discipleship,” the worship leader was welcomed back.

However, Josh Caterer, another Harvest worship leader, tells The Roys Report that staff members and congregants weren’t given “much of an explanation…other than some vague stuff about [Rozier] going through a trial in his life and having to work it out.”

While at Harvest, Rozier was on a private jet when fellow Harvest worship leader Anne Green alleges being sexually assaulted by MacDonald. When church officials later questioned Rozier and two other passengers Green cited as witnesses, all three insisted “they did not recall seeing or hearing anything suspicious or inappropriate.”

A Trail of Church Scandals and Conflicts

Due to numerous allegations of a toxic culture at MacDonald’s Harvest, questions arose about whether the church’s Vertical Worship leaders should serve in other congregations. Turmoil at that megachurch began in 2013, when eight elders claimed MacDonald was guilty of “self-promotion…love of money…domineering and bullying…abusive speech…outbursts of anger…[and] making misleading statements.”

About two years ago, Rozier and fellow worship leader Eddie Hoagland made the move from Harvest to New Life. Rozier was a worship pastor at one of New Life’s eight campuses, as well as director of a prayer ministry. He also has been a featured speaker at various national conferences for worship leaders. The status of his future appearances remains undetermined.