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Children’s Anxiety, Stress Tops List of Parental Concerns

Franklin added that pastors recognize it is a more difficult time to be a teenager. And the speed of cultural change, particularly in opposition to biblical standards, can be dizzying not only as a church leader, but as a parent.

“It’s tougher than when they were kids themselves,” Franklin said.

Ways to help

In a post for Lifeway Women, child and teen counselor Amy Jacobs gave four tips for parenting an anxious child.

Avoid the urge to accommodate. Don’t remove the hurdles that lead to growth. Remind them that they are safe and will make it through.

Take one baby step at a time. Become comfortable with discomfort. Face your anxiety.

Keep a track record. Take note of incremental steps toward facing their anxiety.

Anxious kids underestimate their ability to handle adversity. Tell your son or daughter they have the strength to do hard things. Remind them how they have faced challenges before, and overcome.

“When anxiety keeps us from doing what we want or should do—playing the sport she loves or attending events he has enjoyed in the past—it’s a clear sign that your child needs extra support in overcoming anxiety,” she said.

This article originally appeared on BaptistPress.com.