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At NFL Pro Bowl, Young Reporter Leads QB Derek Carr in Prayer

During a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Jeremiah said, “When you’re very passionate with your job, you really take it seriously. So I’m always preparing for my interviews, and I’ve always tried to practice it, get it right the first time.” The 10-year old said he doesn’t get “starstruck” while interviewing top athletes “because in the end, we’re all people.” He also applauded his parents, saying they “lead by example.”

The Faith of a Child

When Sports Spectrum tweeted video of Jeremiah praying with Carr, commenters praised God for working through a child. “Jeremiah will lead nations with that level of faith,” one person writes. Another notes: “It could be me, but it feels like there has been a seismic shift [with] how open everyone is in praising our Lord lately. People [of] all walks of life, players….kids! Speaking about how wonderful our God is. [It’s] made my heart so full. Praise you Lord! I pray it only increases.”

Someone else comments: “At 10, this kid has his priorities in better order than most of us. He already knows Jesus and the calling he has on Derek’s life and that everything is going to be just fine going forward. It won’t be long before he will be calling Derek’s games.”

The Raiders surprised Jeremiah with tickets to Super Bowl LVII, which will be played in Phoenix on February 12. The championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles features two starting quarterbacks who are outspoken Christians.