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Brian Houston Served as Lone Witness in His Own Defense, Reveals Bobbie Houston

Bobbie Houston gives update on Brian Houston Trial
Screengrab via Facebook @pastorbrianhouston

Brian Houston, former pastor of Hillsong Church, stood trial in December 2022 for allegedly covering up his father’s sexual abuse. He told the courts he first learned of his father’s abuse from a general manager with the church back in 1999. Brian pled “not guilty” and continues to claim innocence of the allegations.

The trial lasted 13 days and included eight prosecuting witnesses. On the defense side, just one witness—Brian Houston himself—spoke up.

As part of the trial, the prosecution questioned when Brian had learned of his father’s abuse. Hillsong general manager George Aghajanian testified that when he told Brian of the abuse, he had “a shocked expression on his face.”

However, when John McMartin, another pastor, confronted Brian with the same news just a month later, Brian reacted with the same apparent element of surprise as when Aghajanian told him.

Brian didn’t go to the authorities with the information until after his father’s death in 2004.

Bobbie Houston Posts Trial Update on Instagram

According to Brian’s wife, Bobbie, court is adjourned until June. The world waits for final arguments and the magistrate’s ruling. Due to legal mandates, Brian is prevented from speaking publicly about the trial.


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Bobbie began her post by tagging her husband and captioning the attached photo, “@brianchouston surrounded w street kids from Vision Rescue, India.”

She went on to pledge her unwavering love and support of her husband, writing, “As a wife of near 46yrs I’m weary of the relentless assault on this man, weary of the unchallenged, uncontained narratives left to fester. I vowed to him last yr that if no one stands up & vindicates his integrity, character & worth, I will. And I’ll die on my sword if need be. That might sound dramatic but I have no reason to say otherwise.”

“Modern day persecution is accusatory, cowardly & appalling. Those who perpetrate it should be sued for defamation & damaging bullying, but because that isn’t the nature of Christ, we will continue to pray for you,” Bobbie continued. “Just remember dear ones, that the Courts of Heaven exist & no action or word or ill-intent goes unobserved. Whilst it is still ‘Day’ there is grace to recover & change your ways, but a day will come when that day may expire. Don’t risk that, nor boast of tomorrow, for none of us know what a day will bring. His Grace is all sufficient but it has to be embraced.”

“For those curious but uninformed about the Court Case last Dec – Brian can’t speak of it for legal reasons, but I can,” the post read.

“FIRSTLY, thankyou to all who prayed. Thousands around the world,” Bobbie recounted. “We endured 13 days in court. The Crown Prosecution presented eight witnesses. Our Defense presented one – Brian Houston. All evidence was heard, all evidence is recorded. Now the case is adjourned till June for oral & written summaries, final arguments & then the Magistrate alone will rule.”

“My husband is a champion…and to endure this after 24yrs says much about his stoic spirit.”

“As a family we Thank you for your love & concern. I’m only posting this because many are unaware. Some media outlets report with integrity, others don’t.”

“There are no restrictions on Brian. Again, we are grateful for those who prayed & ask that you continue. In the meantime, we soldier on alongside our King, believing that the finest days for the Body of Christ are before us all – days for boldness & courage; for living in the Truth of who Christ is; for knowing the power of His Spirit; and for loving not ones life even unto death (Rev); days of great harvest in Jesus dear & glorious Name!”