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Christian Actor Dean Cain: Fatherhood ‘Changed Everything,’ Including the Roles He Accepts

Dean Cain
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Actor Dean Cain recently told Christian Headlines that fatherhood plays a key role in the film projects he chooses to take on. While he likes “to do a whole bunch of different things” and doesn’t consider himself “a one-trick pony,” he nevertheless strives to choose stories that will inspire the faith of others, including his son. 

Perhaps best known for his role in the Emmy-nominated television series “Lois & Clark,” in which he portrayed Superman, Cain has appeared in a number of faith-based films through the years, including “God’s Not Dead” in 2014, as well as the upcoming fifth film in the series, titled “God’s Not Dead: Rise Up,” which is set to be released in 2023. 

In 2022, Cain also appeared in “Paul’s Promise,” which is based on the true story of a 1960s firefighter turned integrationist pastor during the height of the Civil Rights movement, and “No Vacancy,” the story about a jaded journalist whose heart is transformed through the process of reporting on a church attempting to buy a motel to house those in their community experiencing homelessness.

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“I’m a single father. My son is 22 years old,” Cain told Christian Headlines. “I started making kids’ movies when he was a little kid.

Cain continued, “Not all the films I make are faith-based and they’re not all inspirational, but a large majority are because I want my son to be able to see those films. I want him to learn from them. I want him to watch the way I’m living my life and the choices that I’m making and say, ‘I see why he’s doing that. I see why he wants to help out.’”

While Cain recognizes that faith-based films often receive criticism, he continues to take on these projects out of a desire to make films that his son can be proud of—films that grapple with the deeper questions of life. 

Describing how fatherhood has shaped his outlook on his life and career, Cain said, “My faith really got stronger, much stronger, and I really had to face it and discuss it once I became a father. That changed everything. Suddenly someone’s more important on this earth than me.” 

“And then I have to explain to him the world and the rules of the world, and why we’re here. You get into those questions that, as a single person running around, you can always just sort of, you know, sweep that under the table,” Cain went on to say. “But this forced it.”

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Despite the criticism faith-based films get, Cain expressed that he also hears from viewers whose lives are impacted through the projects he participates in.