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Former ‘Superman’ Actor Dean Cain Supports Foster Children, Christian Films at Ohio Event

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Miguel Discart, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Actor and Christian Dean Cain will be at Crossroads Church in Mansfield, Ohio, this Friday to hand out “Foster Family Fun Packs.” Cain is co-hosting an event where he will help launch Ohio Helping Hands, a non-profit created by the producers of Cain’s new film, “Chosen.”

“Children are often removed from their homes,” said Stacey Stratton, executive director of Ohio Helping Hands, “with just some of their belongings stuffed into a trash bag. Knowing these children are also feeling scared, confused and alone, we wanted to create a nonprofit to help support them emotionally as they transition into their new foster home.”

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Dean Cain Co-Hosts VIP Event

Dean Cain is an actor, producer and screenwriter who is probably best known for starring as Clark Kent in the 90s TV series, “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” Cain also appeared in the 2014 film, “God’s Not Dead,” as did “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo, who stars in “Chosen” with Cain. 

Friday evening, Dean Cain will appear with another of his “Chosen” co-stars, Eddie McClintock, at Crossroads Church, where the two will co-host a VIP event. The VIP event will take place prior to premier of the film, “Joey Adkins Saves the Church,” starring Crossroads’ lead pastor, Dave Vance

At 6 p.m., before the film’s showing, Cain will present the first set of “Foster Family Fun Packs” to Richland County Children Services. Ohio Helping Hands ​​plans to donate 200 of the fun packs throughout the state of Ohio this year.

The items in the packs include games, snacks, and crafts, as well as a sturdy bag so that children have a place to store their personal belongings. The fun packs are designed to ease the difficult transitions children make when they enter new foster homes.

JCFilms Studios, which produced both “Joey Adkins” and “Chosen,” said that its purpose in creating the latter film (which was produced in Mansfield) is to “leave a lasting effect on the lives of those involved in adoption and foster parenting in Ohio.”

“We don’t just want to make a film,” said JCFilms president, Jason Campbell. “We want to make a film that will change and benefit the lives of children.” On its website, JCFilms explains:

CHOSEN is a multi-plot movie that was created to empower people of faith to get involved. On any given day in Ohio, nearly 16,000 children are being cared for in foster care. This number is expected to increase as the number of foster parents [is] decreasing.