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‘I Found My Father’ — Greg Laurie Reveals His Dad’s Surprising Story of Faith and Healing

Greg Lauire Oscar Laurie
Screengrabs via YouTube @Pastor Greg Laurie

After grossing nearly $50 million in its first month of release, the film “Jesus Revolution” continues to gain popularity. Co-written by Greg Laurie, Jesus Revolution tells Laurie’s life story—a challenging childhood, a free-spirited season as a hippie, a life-changing experience encountering Jesus Christ and godly men in his life, and a call into full-time ministry. One character that was alluded to, but not officially portrayed in the film, was Laurie’s adoptive father, Oscar Laurie.

“Years after the events of the film ‘Jesus Revolution,’ I looked for my father,” Laurie shared in a recent YouTube video. “I found him, and what happened next is something that amazed and shocked me! A true miracle.”

Greg Laurie Shares the Rest of the Story

Since the film’s release, Laurie has taken to his YouTube channel and updated the public on certain characters in the film—starting with his own mother.

Laurie’s mom, Charlene McDaniel, lived a “crazy party life,” so Laurie lived with his grandparents as a boy. Later on, Laurie was adopted by Oscar Laurie. As depicted in the movie, Laurie is seen often longing for his father. He remembered seeing his and his mom’s suitcases loaded in the back of the car. McDaniel explained to Laurie that they were leaving, and his dad wasn’t coming. That would be the last time Laurie saw his father for decades.

McDaniel continued to live a wild life and was married seven times. Laurie recently spoke out about the rest of his mom’s story.

“She chased after all of the empty promises of this world, and sadly saw the emptiness of all of it,” Laurie recounted. “But, thankfully, she came back to her faith and returned to it one month before she entered eternity.”

But What About Laurie’s Dad, Oscar Laurie?

In another YouTube video, After Jesus Revolution: What Happened When I Found My Father, Laurie recounted his dad’s story.

Laurie, a young pastor in his 20s, was married and had his son, Christopher. He became curious about his dad—the man who adopted him.

He obtained Oscar’s work number and left a message with his secretary at the law office. Oscar quickly returned the phone call and warmly greeted Laurie. The two agreed to meet in New York.

Laurie and Oscar spent the evening at Oscar’s home catching each other up on their lives. Oscar had married a woman named Barbara, and over dinner, she turned and said, “Greg, tell me how you became a Christian.”