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‘Worship Probs’ Creator Speaks Out About ‘Worship Leader’ Trademark Controversy

A video posted to Twitter shows Worship Leader president Lexi Fromm apologizing to Rogue Worship Leader in an Instagram reel, saying that he has her number and that she would like to talk to him, although she gathers that he does not want to talk to her. Fromm said she was filming the video because Rogue Worship Leader had used that format to speak out and because she wanted to share “our truth, and I know you have your truth, and then there’s God’s truth.”

When questioned about Fromm’s video in his Instagram comments, Rogue Worship Leader said:

I’ve already had contact with a representative via email. I don’t want to talk over the phone where things can get misconstrued and there’s no record of what was said. They emailed me and I responded. They state this was an accident but that’s not how FB works. You have to file the URL for the infringing content when you file. They did it to 8 posts of mine. How is that and [sic] accident?

The account that Worship Leader appears to have had its dispute with is Worship Leader Probs, which has since dropped the word “leader” from its name and is now going by Worship Probs. Creator Brian Tabor addressed the conflict, first in a tongue-in-cheek March 16 video, and then in a lengthier, more serious video posted over the weekend. In the latter, Tabor gives a detailed account of his interactions with Worship Leader, who he says first reached out in October 2022. 


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Tabor began his video noting that he is not a company, but has served the church as a pastor and worship leader for 30 years. “I’m speaking today to offer, not a version of my truth, but to paint a picture of the truth,” he said.

Tabor showed evidence of correspondence with Worship Leader regarding concerns the company had about their brand, including their worries about “confusion” between the Worship Leader logo and the Worship Leader Probs logo.

Worship Probs sought legal advice about Worship Leader’s concerns, and attorneys took over corresponding about the dispute. Tabor said Worship Probs “began to make a plan for rebranding” and asked for 30 days to make those changes. On Feb. 27, Worship Leader accepted Worship Probs’ offer to remove “leader” from its name. It was that very day, said Tabor, that the Worship Probs social accounts were removed for trademark infringement, a decision he is appealing now.

Tabor said that while Worship Leader has apologized for reporting other accounts and worked to restore them, the company has not done so for Worship Probs, whose accounts have not yet been restored. In addition to its Facebook account, Worship Probs has also lost its TikTok, YouTube, and two Instagram accounts. Tabor noted that Worship Leader’s attorney said the company did not make the TikTok report.

Tabor also says that when discussing the rebrand, Worship Probs requested Worship Leader leave its legacy posts alone (as they might still contain references to “Worship Leader Probs”). The company responded by demanding in return that Worship Probs sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibited any critique of Worship Leader, required them to retract earlier statements, and prevented them from publicly discussing the terms of the agreement. Tabor refused. 

“I believe anything being done should be able to be done in the light,” he said. “My hope is that all of this will stop and that we can get back to the business of the kingdom and fulfilling our mission to entertain, encourage and equip worship and production leaders and their teams around the world.” 

In response to a request for comment about Tabor’s video, Lexi Fromm directed us to Worship Leader’s Trademark Dispute Statement.”

This article has been updated with a response from Worship Leader.