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Nashville Parents Raise $420K for Family of ‘Big Mike’ Hill, One of the Victims in Recent Shooting

Big Mike Hill
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Mike Hill, often referred to among those who knew him as “Big Mike,” was one of the victims in the recent school shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. A custodian at the school for nearly 15 years, Hill was also a father to eight and a grandfather to nearly a dozen kids.

Former Pastor and Friend of Mike Hill: ‘Mike Was a Great Man’

“Everybody loved Mike,” reflected Jim Bachmann, founding pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Hill was a beloved friend who cared deeply for the children at the school that was operated by the church. While Bachmann no longer serves as the church’s pastor, he will preside over the funeral of his close friend.

“I’m white. He’s black. It didn’t make any difference,” recalled Bachmann. The two talked about many things over the years, including faith and relationships.
Bachmann noted that Hill always went far beyond caring for the school facility, adding, “Mike knew the kids in the school, knew their names. He took a very personal interest in them.”

Friends and Family Remember Mike Hill as ‘Big Mike’

A GoFundMe has been set up by Nashville parents to benefit Mike Hill’s family.

“Mike’s family deserves peace of mind that his loss was not in vain and that some good can come from it,” the description states. “His legacy can live on through goodwill and love. In the end, love should always win.”

The fund has already surpassed its $25,000 goal to cover funeral expenses. More than $420,000 has been raised for Hill’s family.

“Mike, thank you for protecting Nashville’s children,” the description continues. “While every single loss in a shooting like this is an inexcusable tragedy, Mike is one who should not be overlooked in the wake of this senseless loss.”

Hill’s family said that Hill “took great pleasure and found tremendous joy in his job and through those students.”

“Mike deserves to be remembered for his selfless act protecting our children,” said Nashville parents.