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Faith-Based Film ‘His Only Son’ Makes Nearly $11 Million at Box Office Over Easter Weekend

David Helling wrote and directed the film, which stars Nicolas Mouawad as Abraham, Sara Seyed as Sarah, Daniel da Silva as The Lord and Edaan Moskowitz as Isaac. Helling has said it is important to him to stay faithful to the Bible.

“You want to start with the bones of the text of Scripture first, and you don’t ever want to put those out of joint,” he told Faithwire. “I’ve had experience with this over the years,” he continued, “because my heart cry is to illustrate and exposit the biblical narrative through film. That’s what I’ve been doing for nearly the last 15 years.”

Helling had difficulty casting the lead role of Abraham, a problem that nearly delayed the movie. After vetting over 1,700 actors and not finding one suitable for the role, he decided to pray that God would provide the right person to play Abraham. Helling then discovered Mouawad, who portrayed the role exactly as the director had imagined it. 

“It’s just proof that this is totally the Lord’s hand on the project,” Helling said. “I mean, you see his hand throughout the whole thing.”

Clarification: Whereas some media outlets have reported that “His Only Son” surpassed $11 million on Easter weekend, this article has been update to clarify that Angel Studios projected a box office gross of $10.8 million.