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‘Through God, All Things Are Possible’ — Dolly Parton on How Faith Shaped Her Anti-Bullying Children’s Book

Dolly Parton
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Beloved country music legend Dolly Parton has never shied from publicly sharing her faith and love for God. One of 12 children in her large family, Parton grew up in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains singing together with her family. After her break into show business, Parton recorded dozens of hit albums and has won numerous awards throughout her career. Through it all, she credits her relationship with God for her success, happiness, and desire to give back.

Parton recently sat down with Fox News Digital and shared more about how her faith is at the center of her life. “My faith impacts everything that I do because I do believe that, through God, all things are possible,” Parton said. “And so I always ask God to bless everything that I do and the people that I work with and to bring all the right things and right people into my life and to take the wrong ones out.”

Dolly Parton’s New Children’s Book Helps Kids Stand Up to Bullies

As Parton nears 80, she doesn’t have any plans on slowing down much. “I don’t have any children, and I love my work,” the country music star shared. “And, I guess I’ll just work until I can’t no more and then I’ll quit.”

“I’ve always wondered what I could do in my lifetime, and I’ve been very fortunate and very blessed that I’ve been successful,” she continued. “So, I try to just live through love as much as I can. And so I just think that my spirituality has been a guiding light in my life and my strength, really, in my creative energy.” she continued, “And my spiritual energy has really been a great force to keep me going all these years and still being productive.”

The multi-talented artist has now written her third children’s book, “Billy the Kid Makes it Big.” Her previous works include “Coat of Many Colors” and “Kindness Is My Superpower.”

As she began to dream about the story for her third children’s book, Parton looked no further than to her own dog, Billy the Kid. “When he meets some big bullies at the Battle of the Bow-wows, Billy worries he’s barking up the wrong tree,” Parton said. “He’ll need his favorite songs (‘Jowlene’ and ‘I Will Pawlways Love You,’ of course), a group of scrappy new friends, and his favorite country music star to regain self-confidence and be the star he always knew he could be.”

Parton’s music career spans decades. Within that time, she’s encountered her fair share of bullies on her way to stardom. “I wanted kids to understand how harmful bullying can be to someone,” said Parton.

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Comments remain positive and supportive of the country star and philanthropist. Ty mentioned, “She would have been a fantastic mother.”