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‘God Still Works in the Midst of Darkness’—Sean Feucht Says ‘Over 98 SatanCon Attendees Surrendered Their Lives to Jesus’

Feucht replied, “Hahahaha key word is ‘covert’ 😅. I know them!!! They robbed hell and populated heaven!!! GOD WINS 🙏🏽😜.”

ChurchLeaders reached out to Feucht and asked him to clarify how he was able to verify the salvations mentioned in his tweet.

“I know the team that was there in Boston,” Feucht said. “They’re friends of mine. And so when I say verified, that’s what I mean. Like this isn’t like hearsay. These are people that I know that I trust.”

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“I want people to hear good news that in the midst of the largest satanic gathering in the world, that God is still moving and that light overcomes darkness every single time,” Feucht continued. “I felt like it was important to share that update as viral images of people shredding the Bible were being shared around the world as if, as if God is scared about that—he’s eternal!”

Feucht mentioned that he found it funny that “if they don’t believe in God, why are they shredding the Bible into pieces? Well, it’s because they’re scared, and they should be because God is going to triumph.”

“Believers need to understand that we know the end of the story,” Feucht encouraged. “We know God wins! And even in the midst of such darkness, covering the nation—specifically what took place over the weekend in Boston—that God is still working.”

Boston’s Intercessors for America regional leader, Lynn MacAskill confirmed that Christians were in attendance at SatanCon but told The Christian Post their team is unaware of any “salvations among attendees.”

That doesn’t mean those salvations didn’t take place and MacAskill defended Feucht’s claim saying his stories were simply “crossed.”

“We were told by several sources that Revive Boston and YWAM evangelists did record 98 salvations and at least 15 recommitments to the Lord among regular people during street evangelism,” MacAskill said.

The Christian Post reported that MacAskill said, “Numerous Christians from several teams did minister to SatanCon attendees though, with some great stories, so seeds were definitely sown. God really did move as we were able to be in the venue. Everyone was peaceful and polite, and we felt God gave us specific prayer assignments, especially on Sunday, that were powerful.”

This story has been updated to include statements from Intercessors for America regional leader Lynn MacAskill found in The Christian Post’s report.