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Charles Stanley’s eBay Items Returned to Family After Pocket Watch Winner Makes ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Call to Grandson

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Screenshots from YouTube / @FriendsWithMatt

In a May 6 YouTube video, Matt Brodersen again apologized for auctioning off items from his recently deceased grandfather, Pastor Charles Stanley. This time, however, the apology was accompanied by an announcement that the eBay auction is over.

Shortly after Stanley, founder of In Touch Ministries, died on April 18 at age 90, Brodersen, 29, listed his grandfather’s pocket watch and a framed photo for sale on eBay. The YouTube content creator, who has struggled with mental health issues and addiction, admitted being “desperate for money.”

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Grandson of Charles Stanley Has ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Chat With Buyer

In a five-minute video posted Saturday, Brodersen recapped how he obtained Charles Stanley’s personal items, why he decided to sell them, and how people (including family members) reacted. He said the winning bidder for his grandfather’s engraved pocket watch (as well as other watches) called him for a 30-minute, “jaw-dropping” conversation.

The man, who requested anonymity, told Brodersen he planned to send the watches back to Stanley’s family. The purchaser explained that when his own grandpa died, some relatives “went and grabbed his grandpa’s things and they went and auctioned [them] off right away and he did not like it.”

Hearing that story, Brodersen said, “is when it really all sank in about how creepy or weird that was of me to do that.” He added, “When he told me his story, I just died inside, I guess. And I realized how selfish I was being.”

In response to a question from ChurchLeaders, Brodersen said the buyer “got all the items and drove six hours the next day and went to give them back to my uncle [Andy Stanley] by hand delivery. My uncle, in return, paid for his hotel stay that night and they had [a meal and] hung out. It was really sweet.”

Matt Brodersen: Everything Is Being Returned

The other item on eBay, a framed portrait of Stanley, was up for auction with a “bonus” coin collection. According to Brodersen’s latest update, the winning bidder was attempting to skirt the website’s commission, which “felt uncomfortable.” So Brodersen relisted the portrait. But then after hearing the watch-winner’s story, he canceled the entire auction and mailed back the portrait and coins to his uncle, Andy Stanley.

“So technically, nothing has gotten sold on eBay,” Brodersen said. “Everything is going back to its right property owners.” He admitted the whole thing “feels weird,” saying, “I should not have done that.” He apologized and thanked people for their support and forgiveness.

In previous YouTube videos, Brodersen said he didn’t realize that auctioning off his grandfather’s items would upset people. “I promise you, I have a bunch of my grandpa’s stuff that you don’t see that I’m going to keep and cherish and hold on to forever,” he added.