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Charles Stanley’s Pocket Watch Sells on eBay for $2,375, Grandson Relists Framed Picture

Charles Stanley
(L) Photo courtesy of Matthew Brodersen (R) Screengrab via eBay

Two personal items of Dr. Charles Stanley sold on eBay earlier this week. Stanley’s grandson, Matthew Brodersen, listed the items he says he inherited for the public to bid on less than two weeks after Stanley’s death (April 18).

Stanley’s personal pocket watch, which was engraved with his initials on the front and Philippians 4:13 on the back, received 63 bids and sold for $2,375.

The other item Brodersen listed was a 13X13 framed photo of his grandfather which included a coin collection he described as a “bonus gift.” That item received 40 bids and sold for $3,650, but Brodersen relisted it after he claimed the buyer was trying to pay for the item directly and sidestep eBay’s fees.

“I saw that as unethical and decided to not sell it to him,” Brodersen told ChurchLeaders. “Also, I could get in trouble for that with eBay because they deserve their commission for bringing us together (the buyer and seller).”

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When questioned about his decision to sell Stanley’s possessions on the bidding site, Brodersen said, “I have been selfish and only thinking of myself in this situation. I’ll admit it. But also, this felt weird. Even I…a greedy b***ard…was not willing to stoop that low,” Brodersen said.

“I’m happy with what the items sold for,” Brodersen said, and added that he is using the money to pay his rent, car insurance, groceries, and other daily needs. He’s received criticism for the decision to sell Stanley’s personal items rather than keeping them in the family.

ChurchLeaders asked Brodersen if he regretted selling his late grandfather’s items, especially following the vitriol he received—including from his mother and uncle, Andy Stanley.

“As for would I do it again? Well, I guess am doing it again because that first bidder tried to hack the system and I had a chance to cancel the whole thing. But I decided to just relist it and hope I’ll make even more money this time around,” Brodersen said.

Brodersen relisted his grandfather’s photo with a starting bid of $3,500 and a “Buy It Now” price of $10,000.