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Charlie Kirk Exhorts Church Leaders at Sold Out TPUSA Faith ‘Pastors Summit’: ‘If You Love God, You Must Hate Evil’

When starting TPUSA, Kirk said he was very careful not to commingle faith and politics. He said that he just “assumed for quite some time that the church was doing its work and was talking about the issues that matter with moral clarity.”

Kirk said he made the worst prediction in the history of America while podcasting “in March of 2020—the worst. There’s never been a prediction so bad, so awful, so inaccurate—I made a big proclamation.”

“I looked right to the camera and I said, ‘Listen, I gave my life to the Lord in fifth grade, and I’ve been to church, and I’ll tell you, the church is never going to lock down,'” Kirk recounted. “‘The church is not going to listen to these government mandates and orders. The church loves liberty.’”

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“I said, ‘Trust me, podcast audience, that there’s going to be a mass response, where the church won’t close down for Easter or Pentecost. The church understands tyranny and will push back against it. Just watch, and tune in next week,’” Kirk said. TPUSA’s founder kept waiting for the church to respond, but said he witnessed only a few “take that stand.”

Many people have asked Kirk what success looks like for TPUSA Faith. Kirk said, “I would love it to be so successful that it would work ourselves into retirement. [Meaning], every church wakes up bold and courageous, and wokeism gets kicked out.”

“[And I’d] say, ‘Thank you, guys, very much. I’m going back to the campus thing. The American church is on fire,’” Kirk added.

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Not everyone attending the Pastors Summit agrees with what TPUSA Faith is doing, Kirk shared. Most of the people in this group have written critical things about the organization, some even questioning Kirk’s faith.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Kirk said. “I hope you’ll learn something, and I hope that you’ll see that our agenda is pretty clear. I love Jesus, love liberty, and love America.”

While addressing Target’s Pride Collection and the Nashville shooting, Kirk cited Psalm 97:10, saying, “If you love God, you must hate evil. And, boy, you’re seeing it everywhere.”

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