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Megan Danielle Shoots Down Allegations that ‘American Idol’ was ‘Rigged’—‘God Made All of This Happen for a Reason’

Megan Danielle
Screengrab via YouTube @American Idol

As a contestant on “American Idol,” Megan Danielle won over the hearts of millions around the country. She has often spoken about her dedication to Jesus Christ.

Even judge Luke Bryan called out her boldness in sharing her faith. “What I love about you—I mean, we’re way beyond loving your voice—is you’re never scared to tell everybody about your faith,” said Bryan.

As with previous seasons, each episode includes performances from each of the contestants. Viewers and fans are able to vote for their favorite via the show’s website, “American Idol” app, or using text.

Iam Tongi, from Hawaii, won this season’s “American Idol.” While Danielle won second place, her fans are calling the competition “rigged.”

Megan Danielle Addresses Allegations of a Rigged Competition

In a recent interview with New York Post, Danielle opened up about her “American Idol” experience and the most recent accusations from her loyal fans that the competition was “rigged.”

“I would say that it isn’t [rigged] just because, you know, I feel like God made all of this happen for a reason,” Danielle said. “Even if I was first, second, last, whatever … I feel like any of us really deserved it.”

Further, the worship artist from Georgia recently posted on Facebook, saying, “Just wanted to come on and say THANK YOU ALL!”

Danielle continued, “I couldn’t be more proud of myself for how far I’ve come! From being a little girl who never believed in herself to now knowing I can be the ONE PERSON to touch lives and share the love of Jesus. What a blessing 🙌🏻.”

She didn’t stop there. Danielle had to give another shout out to the winner of the completion, adding, “Iam Tongi deserved every bit of this!”

Megan Danielle Said She Was ‘Super Proud’ of American Idol Winner, Iam Tongi

Among the rising stars on “American Idol,” Iam Tongi continued to belt out riveting performances week after week. After Tongi was announced as the top winner of the completion, fans across the country shared their opinions.

Nevertheless, some fans thought that Tongi received “sympathy votes” after recently losing his father. However, Danielle continued to sing praises for Tongi, both for his ability and his heart. She said, “I feel like Iam was deserving, and he’s so humble and so talented.”

Danielle continued, “And this was his time, and I’m just super proud of him.”

As part of the show’s finale, Tongi teamed up with James Blunt to sing “Monsters.” Tongi continued to wipe his eyes throughout the emotional performance.

“It is amazing how many times this video is STILL playing, and none of us are getting tired of it,” one person posted. “I think many of us have ‘Iam Tongi Fever!’ He is a gift so many of us love and moreover, been missing! No doubt he is going to be around for a long time! GO IAM!”

Another shared how this performance hits close to home. “Lost my dad in 1988, this song gets me every time. No matter how many times I hear it. Iam’s sweet soul, pure emotion and angelic voice is why I am so happy he won!! God bless him & family.”