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Megan Danielle Shoots Down Allegations that ‘American Idol’ was ‘Rigged’—‘God Made All of This Happen for a Reason’

Throughout ‘American Idol’ Season 21, Megan Danielle Was Outspoken About Her Faith

After competing on “The Voice,” the Christian singer and songwriter was hesitant to try out for “American Idol.”

“I chickened out, never wanted to do it,” Danielle said. “And then I actually got a DM from one of the producers on ‘Idol’ asking me to audition.” The show’s staff even surprised Danielle at her audition and invited Lauren Daigle to join her while singing “You Say.”

Danielle wasn’t the only Christian among the contestants making it to the Top 10. Haven Madison was another favorite finalist. As the daughter of Building 429’s lead singer, Jason Roy, Madison grew up in a Christian home and around great music.

A worship leader from South Carolina, Warren Peay, also received an invitation to appear on “American Idol.” The artist admitted that he first thought the invitation was a scam. “To think that I almost didn’t even respond—I’d still be fixing appliances,” he said.

Even while making wardrobe choices, Danielle spoke up for her own conservative standards. She explained, “There were some times when maybe they want a different outfit. And I’m like, ‘Well, you know, I’m more of a classier Christian.’”

Megan Danielle continued to deliver heart-warming performances while making her way among the Top 3 finalists. When she posted her appreciation to her loyal fans, the singer simply said, “Let’s keep sharing the light and love of Jesus.”

Danielle and her fellow Top 12 contestants stay in touch through a group chat. While they reminisce about the season, a clear focus of the chat is to encourage each other.

“Really, we’re just talking about the show and just how proud we are of each other,” Danielle reflected. “We’re a big friend group. That’s the best part of the whole thing—the friends you make.”