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Over 4,000 People Baptized on Pentecost Sunday at SoCal Event; There Was ‘Lots of Rejoicing,’ Said Brian Houston

“LOVE THAT HE & BEN TOOK OUR GRANDDAUGHTERS TO WITNESS THIS,” said Bobbie in the caption. “And if I may, just remember that if the Light is gonna shine it’s [sic] brightest in these coming latter days – then more than likely the darkness is going to become fiercely darker and more ominous in threat.” 

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In another Instagram post, Francey said that Oceans Church organized and funded the event, which was attended by people from all over the U.S., as well as Canada. Participants got “healed in the water, delivered in the water and filled with Gods [sic] Spirit.” 

Another Baptize SoCal event is already planned for May 19, 2024. Francey said he envisions next year’s event taking place across the state under the name “Baptize California.” “Then,” he said, “we plan to unite the Big ‘C’ Church to rally the following year in what we will call Baptize America, hosting hub locations from coast to coast where people can gather and get baptized.”

“God is not done with America,” said Francey, “and we are convinced if we can unite the Church and turn fully back to Jesus, He will heal our land.”

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Baptize SoCal for further comment and will update this article in the event of a reply.