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$11K Espresso Machine Listed as Part of Former SBC Seminary President’s ‘Pattern of Spending’ That Led to Resignation

“It was reported that employees were often asked to do the same job multiple times to meet Greenway’s demanding expectations,” the report added. “Multiple change orders were also true with outside contractors, increasing costs of the projects.”

In addition to overspending on renovations to the President’s Home, the SWBTS board alleged that Greenway and others he authorized to use a seminary credit card had improperly used SWBTS funds on personal expenses. 

This included “$9,936.05 for first-class airfare for Greenway, his family, and a family friend to Anaheim, California, for the 2022 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, $4,850.51 for the framing of personal diplomas, and $920 for a metal University of Florida Gator head decoration.”

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“We grieve the pattern of poor stewardship evident in this summary of the task force’s findings,” the report said. “We wish to express our gratitude to those seminary employees who sought to enforce existing policies and challenge the pattern of spending noted above, even as their efforts were met with resistance.”

Looking to the future, the board of trustees said that it is “committed to every appropriate measure that will ensure proper stewardship of seminary resources in a manner that is consistent with the mission of Southwestern Seminary.”

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Adam Greenway has declined to comment at this time.