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‘I Wanted To Drink’—Pastor Perry Noble Is Transparent About Battle With Alcoholism

Perry Noble
Screengrab via YouTube / @Second Chance Church

Perry Noble, pastor of Second Chance Church in Anderson, South Carolina, continues to battle alcoholism. The senior pastor opened up recently about how he continues to fight the temptation, not just to drink, but to drink himself “into oblivion” as an escape.

“I’m so thankful for the amazing people the Lord has put into my life,” Noble wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday (June 18). As he continues to rely on Jesus’ power and grace on his recovery journey, Noble often reflects on the importance of a support system—family, friends, and his church community—to provide love, encouragement, and accountability.

Perry Noble Resists the Temptation of Alcohol—’We Can’t Do Life Alone’

After years of battling alcoholism, Noble continues to be transparent in his recovery journey. As a pastor and a friend, he has thousands of followers. Recently, Noble shared more of his struggle—even on an ordinary Sunday afternoon. He shared, “Something happened yesterday that caused my mind to spiral!!”

The professed alcoholic said, “And—I wanted to drink!!”

Knowing the range of interpretations that could be made from the brief statement, Noble wanted to clarify. He interjected, “Pause—not ‘have a drink,’ or ‘enjoy a cold one,’ but break open a bottle and drink until I literally passed out so that I did not have to deal with the emotions that hit me like a tsunami!!”

Celebrating a brief—and large—personal victory, he exclaimed, “But—I didn’t!!”

Noble continued, “And not because I am just ‘so dang strong!'”

The pastor, husband, and father of one went on to explain. “Two main reasons…
1—My wife (@repokis) was with me, listened to [me], held my hand and just kept telling me that she loves me!” Noble didn’t stop there. He also credited Second Chance Church, adding, “I had to be at church to preach the 5pm service—and I KNEW once I got around my people that I would be ok!!”

After rehab and counseling, Noble does not shy away from expressing a high level of self-awareness. “If I had been alone—there is no doubt I would have drank myself into oblivion!!!” he mentioned.

“But I didn’t—because of the power of Jesus through other people!!” Noble continued. “The statement ‘we can’t do life alone‘ is true!!! I’m so thankful for the amazing people the Lord has put into my life!”

Thousands have reacted to Noble’s post, and hundreds commented about their own stories.

“Stay strong, Pastor P. When everything came out about you no longer being at the church, my family also just found out that my dad was drinking again,” shared one person. “He had been in rehab a couple years before that. It was hard time for so many reasons. He still has not given up drinking. You can’t do [life] alone. We all need support from our loved ones.”

Another commenter, who attends Second Chance Church, wrote, “Praying over you, Pastor P…The Holy Spirit is doing great things in and through you and our Church.”

She continued, “By speaking truth, being transparent and vulnerable, and inviting others in, you are helping many with Christ win battles! Grateful that you were victorious yesterday, but even if you hadn’t been, we would love you and keep fighting alongside of you.”