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‘Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves’—Mike Pence Draws Criticism for Comment About Adult Gender Transitions

Mike Pence
Screengrab via YouTube / @Jordan B Peterson

Former vice president Mike Pence recently announced that he is running for the 2024 presidential Republican nomination—against former president Trump. The conservative’s values continue to shape his campaign. Along with economic strength and global positioning, Pence has firm beliefs on social issues such as gender identity.

While Pence is adamant that gender transition protocols should not be available to any minor, he takes no political stance on these processes for adults who are making the decision.

“There’s a reason we don’t let kids drive cars until they’re 16. You know, you can’t even get a tattoo under the age of 18 in my home state,” Pence has said.

Mike Pence Mentions Second Greatest Commandment When Discussing Gender Transitions

Pence strongly advocates against any form of gender transition protocol—via medication or surgery—for any minor. However, he believes that when adults desire to change their gender, they can elect to get hormone suppression and replacement therapy or sex reassignment surgery.

During a recent interview with Jordan Peterson, Pence discussed a wide range of political topics, including “the indoctrination and sexualization of our youngest citizens.”

Pence mentioned that his home state of Indiana “prohibits gender transition—chemical or surgical—treatment for children under the age of 18.”

“I’m libertarian enough to say if you’re an adult, you live while you live,” Pence continued.
“You know, I may not agree with the decisions you make, but we’ll love you and love our neighbor as ourselves, as my faith requires, right?”

Following the interview, Texas conservative activist Luke Macias tweeted, “Um…according to @Mike_Pence the way a Christian ‘loves their neighbor’ if they are an adult is to legally protect their right to sex change surgeries?”

“This is gross. This is ugly. This is wrong,” Macias continued.

With nearly 500,000 views and many reactions and retweets, the video excerpt has gone viral. Comments have ranged from support to criticism.

“Mr Vice President,” one commenter began, “I respect you very much—but you just lost my vote. I realize it may seem fine for those over 18 to make that decision for themselves but there are some thing’s (sic) that a person does not get to chose regardless of their age— this is one of them.”

Another pointed out to Macias, “I don’t know if you’re intentionally lying, but you’re definitely misrepresenting what Pence was saying. He wants to ban transitions for minors, but let adults do what they want.” The commenter continued, “As a Christian, he disagrees with adults transitioning, but he will still love them as a neighbor.”