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Fans Slam Dante Bowe for ‘Pushing Boundaries’ With Provocative Music Video Featuring Women in Bikinis Twerking

Dante Bowe
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Dante Bowe, formerly with Maverick City Music, wrote (and co-wrote) award-winning songs such as “I Thank God,” “God Really Loves Us,” and “Gratitude.” Bowe is also recognized for repeatedly “pushing boundaries”—this time too far, fans say.

It wasn’t his questioning fans but Bowe himself who used the phrase, “pushing boundaries.” In a press release from Capitol Christian Music Group announcing the release of his new, self-titled album, Bowe said, “This project represents my creative evolution and a bold step towards pushing boundaries.”

Fans Criticize Dante Bowe for Including ‘Overly Sexualized’ Attire and Dancing in New Music Video

The album, “Dante Bowe,” produced by Bowe’s own label, TRUE Music, features a wide range of sounds, “including hip-hop, gospel, and r&b.”

Bowe further described the project: “Through soulful melodies, infectious beats, and deeply-rooted lyrics, I’ve crafted a sonic journey that bridges the gap between different musical worlds.”

The lead single of the album, “Wind Me Up,” offers a music video that “captures the summer vibes everyone has been waiting for,” according to the press release.

The single was an instant hit, “dominating at R&B radio as it was the #1 most added song at R&B radio on impact and debuts inside the Top 20.”

The soulful lyrics for “Wind Me Up” include:

Everybody’s got their problems
Oh, but if we get the power to solve ’em
I know that you’ll just

Wind me up, wind me up
When I get real low, pick me up
Remind my mind I am enough
Don’t up and leave when it gets rough
Show me love, show me love
Don’t criticize me, not too much
Communication, please for once
Give me your passion, give me trust

The music video begins with Bowe at a beachside photoshoot. Then, he’s on a yacht, drinking and dancing with scantily clad women. The video progresses into a nighttime party scene on the beach where the drinking and dancing continue. While many of the dance moves are benign, some women are twerking, and Bowe repeatedly holds the front of his pants.

As Bowe posted his new music video to Instagram, he shared, “Shout out to all inspiring the world with your passion and art. What song on my album needs a music video next? What’s you favorite song?”

While some fans commented with praise and that they were praying for the rising artist, many more spirited posts included strong warnings and criticism.


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