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KB Discusses ‘His Glory Alone II’ and How the Church Needs To Produce Good, Not Bitter, Fruit

Photo courtesy of KB

On Friday (Aug. 11), award-winning Christian rapper KB released his fifth album, titled “His Glory Alone II.” The album features 16 tracks and includes collaborations with LecraeBrandon Lake, Britt Nicole, nobigdyl., and more.

The rapper’s 2020 “His Glory Alone” received a Dove Award for Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year.

ChurchLeaders asked KB what makes this new album different from his others.

“I think in some ways, it is actually similar to the others in that it’s still very much trying to find unique ways to get people excited about the glory of God,” KB said. “It’s different in that I am the most developed as an artist than I’ve ever been. I’ve matured in my thinking and have experienced life more as a husband to my wife, Michelle, and as a father to my three children.”

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KB explores fatherhood in one of his favorite tracks from the new album, titled “Daddy.” He expressed that, through the song, he “had to look through some of my own daddy wounds and find places that I need to forgive and let go and grow put boundaries.”

He added that after writing the song, he was “wildly depressed for like two weeks and had to get some good therapy.” Nevertheless, “God’s glory is accented in the things that we suffer through.”

ChurchLeaders asked KB, who released a book titled “Dangerous Jesus: Why the Only Thing More Risky Than Getting Jesus Right Is Getting Jesus Wrong” earlier this year, what concerns him about the church today.

“My concern,” KB replied, “is that the church is not demonstrating how their life and doctrine go together in such a way that it produces fruit.”

KB reflected, “The way I live my life and the things that I believe, when they come together, are they producing beatitudes? Are they producing mercy? Is the fruit in my life producing kindness?”

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The Scriptures tell us that we are to speak the truth in love; however, KB explained, that’s not the only thing the Bible says.