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‘Christian Artists Are Going To Have To Say Something’—John Cooper Addresses ‘The Rot in Christian Music’

John Cooper
Photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson

John Cooper, frontman for the Dove Award-winning rock band Skillet, recently called out what he has labeled “The Rot in Christian Music” on his podcast “Cooper Stuff.”

Cooper highlighted an article written by Kevin McNeese, founder of Christian music site NewReleaseToday, titled “What the Bleep Is Happening To Christian Music?

In the article, McNeese revisited an article he wrote in 2017, in which he discussed a growing trend among Christian artists to use swear words in their lyrics—including Kings Kaleidoscope, a band whose music has been used to lead worship in churches.

McNeese said the 2017 article received thousands of comments and generated a lot of discussion, but he soon let the topic go.

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“Every month since,” McNeese said, “various artists have felt a need to creatively express themselves with crass language, questionable visuals, and controversial posts, and we have steered clear, allowing the consumer to discover them apart from NewReleaseToday.”

“I fought a few dozen social media wars, and onward life goes,” McNeese said.

McNeese expressed that he is perplexed that “I’m here again, writing about the content of what we continue to hear and see in Christian music. I guess it’s been a busier month than usual, and some recent developments have ignited new alarms.”

McNeese then brought attention to Derek Webb’s latest solo album. (Webb is the guitarist and singer for the iconic Christian music band Caedmon’s Call.) He teamed up with a drag queen who goes by the name Flamy Grant on the song “Boys Will Be Girls,” which can be found on his recent “The Jesus Hypothesis” release.

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McNeese also mentioned how former Maverick City Music singer Dante Bowe released a video for his summer song “Wind Me Up” that feature scantily clad women and sexualized dancing. Yesterday, Bowe announced that he has been nominated for four Dove Awards.

Bowe was abruptly removed from Maverick City Music last September for what Maverick City Music described as “behavior that is inconsistent with our core values and beliefs.”