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‘They Couldn’t Understand Why We Pray’—Melissa Joan Hart Takes Family Mission Trip to Zambia

Melissa Joan Hart
Movieguide®, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

With a successful career as an actor, director, and producer, Melissa Joan Hart continues to juggle the craziness of raising three boys and focus on what’s important. The born-again Christian lives out her faith in tangible ways.

Hart recently took her second trip to Zambia and shared with the Christian Post her heart and experience with prayer with the local people with, saying, “They couldn’t understand why we pray when we have so much. They’re like, ‘It’s weird to see a family pray that already has everything, like what would you pray for, or how would you pray?’”

“As an ambassador for World Vision, as someone who has been there twice now, it is life-changing,” Hart explained. “It’s so inspiring to hear what you and your family have been able to do.”

‘I Wanted the Family To Go to Africa’—Melissa Joan Hart Continues Fieldwork for World Vision

To celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Hart and her husband took their family to Africa. They spent quality time being regular tourists—including seeing Victoria Falls and going on a safari—and engaged in fieldwork for World Vision in Zambia.

Hart reflected on her longstanding relationship with World Vision. “I have always looked for an organization that will work around the world and in the U.S. in a deep and meaningful way—the kind that doesn’t gloss over a problem,” Hart said. “An organization that has levels and layers and someone’s thought deeply about how these programs work and how to really empower people to get out of poverty.”

With three growing boys, Hart quickly realized that there were a number of things she still wanted to do as a family before the kids grew up. “This trip was like a long time planning in different ways. My oldest is about to start his senior year, and I always wanted to take them to Africa before the oldest graduated.”

The family had partnered with World Vision for years and personally sponsored three girls in Zambia. “We have three boys, so we wanted to have three girls there,” Hart explained.

“The work that World Vision does is so sustainable. Complex,” Hart reflected. “You could see the hope. You could see the pride.”

This wasn’t Hart’s first trip to Zambia. Back in 2019, “Hart introduced her oldest son, Mason, to her work with World Vision in Africa (Zambia)—and [Entertainment Tonight] was invited along on the good works mission.”

“Hart is making sure that her passion for giving back is passed down to her three sons,” World Vision wrote at the time. “The actress has maintained a successful Hollywood career for decades, but in between projects, she’s all about doing what she can for others.”

“We were like, we only brought our oldest with us. We have to go back and take the younger ones and show them,” Hart said, adding that she wanted her entire family to “meet the family that we’ve been praying for all this time. We want to show them all the work that they do and the work World Vision does.”

The Harts sponsor three girls from the same family and their mom, Edna. “The difference between Edna—last time showing us around, showing us the farm and their house—and she was just like downtrodden,” said Hart. “They didn’t have clean water nearby. They weren’t going to school. And, World Vision started working with them.”