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‘We Get To See You in Person Again!’—Beth Moore’s Living Proof Ministries Re-Opens Its Doors

Living Proof Ministries Beth Moore
Screengrabs via Instagram / @livingproofministries

Author and speaker Beth Moore and her organization Living Proof Ministries (LPM) have announced that they’re reopening the ministry’s doors to the public. People can visit LPM, located in Houston, for prayer or to study God’s word in the theological library.

On Monday (Sept. 11), LPM posted the news on its Instagram account: “We’re celebrating big at the ministry because we get to see you in person again!!!!🎉 This month, we’re so excited to re-open the doors of Living Proof Ministries to the public for opportunities for prayer and studying the Word. And we’re kicking it off TOMORROW! ❤️”

Beth Moore’s Living Proof Ministries Is Open for In-Person Visitors

Moore posted, “This little clip delighted me not only because we’re ecstatic to reopen our doors to the public at LPM but because you get to see the radiant faces of most of my co-laborers at LPM.”

Moore added, “I say this with deep gratitude to the Lord: I don’t know a group of people who exude more love, joy, faith & hope in Christ and, when I need prayer, these are the 1st people I turn to.”

Prayer is integral to LPM. The team—whether meeting in person or online—focuses on “praying His perfect will be done, His beautiful love shared for all, with great glory to His Holy Name.”

Now offered in person again, the Prayer Hour is an opportunity to join “a safe space to share your prayer requests and receive intercessory prayer right then and there.”

LPM offers a Prayer Hour regularly throughout the month. “Every second and fourth Tuesday of every month, we’ll have openings between 12 and 1 p.m. CST. Because our team is really small, we have to do this by reservation only,” LPM said. “We hope this also helps those of you planning to stop by during your lunch break. You can reserve your prayer time slot at the link in our bio!”

Those not local to the Houston area can still join the Prayer Hour online or via phone. “Our prayer phone line will be open between 12 and 1 p.m. CST every second and fourth Tuesday of each month,” the ministry said.

LPM also has a theological library onsite that will reopen to the public on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., beginning Sept. 18. The stocked library holds commentaries, language study books, theological works, classics, fiction books, poetry collections, and books focused on Christian living. Men and women are invited to “enjoy a good cup of coffee, and study away.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve been able to host guests at our Study, but we’re excited to also relaunch this opportunity for teachers, pastors, speakers, writers and students of any kind who wish to study Scripture and theology,” shared LPM.

The ministry added, “What we want more than anything else at Living Proof is to be of assistance to you in your pursuit of Jesus Christ. We can’t wait to see you!!!!!!”

Friends, family, and fans couldn’t be happier. One person commented, “Your gals are so amazing! Warm, kind & welcoming at every event. Fierce, discerning, delightful prayer warriors on the phone! One day, bucket list, to visit LPM in person!”