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‘I Was Going Pretty Fast’—Pastor Moved to Tears After Receiving Police Escort to Hospital Instead of Speeding Ticket

Glen Morrison Jr.
Screengrab via YouTube @WICS ABC NewsChannel 20

On Sunday (Sept. 17), a Springfield, Illinois, pastor was escorted by a local police officer to the hospital after being pulled over for speeding. He was rushing his 3-year-old daughter to the emergency room because of a severe asthma attack.

Glen Morrison Jr., an executive pastor and worship pastor at Emmanuel Temple Church, became concerned when his daughter started to have an uncontrollable coughing fit.

After nearly half an hour of coughing, Morrison grabbed his daughter, jumped into his vehicle, and “started flying” to the nearest emergency room.

During his rush to the hospital, Morrison was pulled over for speeding by Springfield police officer Bill Whitener. The pastor told WICS ABC NewsChannel 20, “I was going pretty fast,” so he wasn’t surprised by the sight of flashing police lights behind him. ”I was flying down Madison [street],” he said.

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Morrison pulled over, rolling down his window as officer Whitener approached. He told the officer, “Hey, I apologize for speeding. My daughter, I think she may be having something similar to an asthma attack. And I’m just trying to get her to the hospital.”

Recognizing the medical emergency that was taking place, Whitener told Morrison to turn on his hazards and follow him to the hospital. “He quickly said, ‘Just follow me, follow me,’” the officer said.

Morrison told ChurchLeaders that Whitener “immediately took action and escorted us to the emergency room to avoid the anticipation of sitting at multiple red lights.”

“This personally brought tears to my eyes to be served by our Police Department in such a humbling way,” he added. “This was a reminder that behind those badges are real people that can relate to our day-to-day life situations. And they actually do care for us!”

The pastor wanted to give a special thanks to Officer Whitener for his act of service and said that “my daughter is alive and well from a situation that wasn’t taken for granted by our Men in Blue!”

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Morrison concluded his statement to ChurchLeaders by “thanking God for always showing up right on time.”

Morrison’s daughter is doing well after receiving medical treatment and has been attending school this week.