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‘Inappropriate and Unconstitutional’—Auburn Football Coach Criticized for Participating in Baptisms

One said, “I’m an atheist but I don’t see that they were forced/cornered into participating (as sometimes happens). Unless the coaches were taking attendance among their charges, this is all First Amendment stuff.”

“Did anyone ask the players who didn’t participate or who didn’t want to participate how they feel about it?” asked another. “Maybe we should start there before we go all ‘ban religion.'”

Freeze’s Career Displays Ongoing Success on and off the Field

Freeze was thrilled to join Auburn as head coach and had been connected with the university well before he was on staff. “I’ve been fortunate to witness first-hand how special Auburn is during my time as a head coach in the SEC and while visiting my daughter Jordan who attended Auburn and currently lives in the community,” said Freeze.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) awarded Freeze the Grant Teaff Coach of the Year award in 2013. “Freeze has been heavily involved with FCA during his entire coaching career and has been featured in the FCA Magazine and spoken at FCA functions,” states his Auburn University bio. “Freeze was also a finalist for the 2014 Bear Bryant Award and the 2014 Dobb Trophy.”

Freeze’s successful career spans from high school to college and professional football. As a math teacher, and later an administrator and coach, he started as an educator at Briarcrest High School in Tennessee. After a 99-23 record at Briarcrest, Freeze went on to coach at Ole Miss, Lambuth, San Jose State, Arkansas State, Arizona Hotshots, and Liberty. While at Liberty, he led the team to four bowl games and a 34-15 record.

Auburn President Christopher Roberts said, “I am impressed with Coach Freeze’s focus on player development and his on-the-field success at multiple universities and at multiple levels.”