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V1 Church’s Mike Signorelli Wants People To See the ‘Real Jesus’ in New Film ‘The Domino Revival’

“It’s just me trying to provoke the pastors of America,” he said. “Don’t let how fatigued you were by the pandemic stop you from stepping into what God is doing next.”

“If you’re not in a head-on collision with the devil, it’s because you’re both heading the same direction,” Signorelli said, inviting pastors who don’t believe in the reality of spiritual warfare to come see what God is doing in New York.

“Oftentimes what we believe in is informed by where we are,” Signorelli said. “They’re basically commuting between bubbles.”

Signorelli went on to reference Jesus’ encounters with demons throughout his ministry, accusing modern-day pastors of handing out “colorbook Christianity” instead of acknowledging demonic activity in the world and in the church.

Thus, Signorelli said, people turn to places like WitchTok (an ever-growing community of witches on TikTok) to fulfill their curiosity. Signorelli encouraged pastors to “start telling people the Bible isn’t the story of what happened. It’s the story of what always happens.”

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Regarding the film, Signorelli said he hopes “people come out of it and they literally say, ‘I’m empowered to pray for other people. I’m empowered to evangelize other people.’ And that the pastors would get a little relief in America.”

“Because we’ve kind of perverted and distorted what a pastor is here in our nation,” he continued. “The pastor has too much responsibility, and we need to share the weight.” So this movie was made to “inspire and mobilize” Christians to do the work Jesus commands us to do.

As the film’s premiere ended, Signorelli told those in attendance that on the film’s release night, he will offer a gospel presentation via live simulcast, which will play before the credits of the film role.

Tickets for “The Domino Revival” can be purchased at Fathom Events.