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V1 Church’s Mike Signorelli Wants People To See the ‘Real Jesus’ in New Film ‘The Domino Revival’

Mike Signorelli Domino Revival
(L) Mike Signorelli photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson (R) Poster image courtesy of Fathom Events.

On Tuesday (Oct. 3), pastors, ministry leaders, filmmakers, and cast members gathered at the Regal E-Walk theater near New York City’s Times Square to celebrate the red carpet premiere of “The Domino Revival.”

The film, which will be featured in a one-night-only release in theaters across the nation on Oct. 24, spotlights the testimony of V1 Church founding pastors Mike and Julie Signorelli, Global Vision Bible Church founder and pastor Greg Locke, Trinity Church founder and pastor Mark Driscoll, Isaiah Saldivar, Alexander Pagani, Jenny and Stephen Weaver, Jeremiah Johnson, Andy Byrd, and Jessi and Parker Green, among others.

V1 Church was listed at No. 26 in Outreach Magazine’s “Outreach 100 Fastest-Growing Churches” in America this year and has been called the “fastest-growing church in America” by INJOY Stewardship Solutions. V1 Church has grown from one location in 2017 to three campuses nationally across Long Island, New York City, and Northwest Indiana, and includes over 100 home watch parties globally.

“The Domino Revival” explores how faith leaders have witnessed a spiritual awakening taking place in our nation during what they describe as “America’s darkest hour.”

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Viewers of the film will hear powerful testimonies and eyewitness accounts of repentance and changed lives.

On the red carpet, Signorelli told ChurchLeaders that the goal of “The Domino Revival” is to make the real Jesus known to everyone around us. “Do you see the real Jesus in our midst? The one that walked the Galilee, who died and three days later was resurrected, and now his Holy Spirit is here on the earth—that’s what this film is really about.”

Signorelli stressed that “we cannot allow ourselves to become professional Christians, and professional pastors…We’ve got to be willing to disrupt all of it, break our alabaster box open and say God, ‘I don’t do ministry for the income. I do it for the outcome.’”

Signorelli admitted that some pastors who see the film might become uncomfortable because “it’s going to be a rebuke to many pastors who have settled into comfortability.”

“This is not a movie about methods,” he added. “It’s not a Pentecostal Charismatic movie. It’s literally just me saying what happens when I go to a church in Seattle and the lead pastor’s daughter is silently dealing with suicide and nobody’s addressed it. What happens when the Sunday school teacher is addicted to drugs and nobody knows it because you’re using her every Sunday to watch your kids, but you’re not watching her soul.”

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Signorelli said that revival happens when pastors choose to “expose it all and break the box open” rather than being focused on what might happen to their income.