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‘Sparks Fly’ Over The Gospel Coalition’s Latest Article About Taylor Swift

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The Gospel Coalition (TGC) removed its latest online article about Taylor Swift after it led to bad blood among readers. In an Oct. 12 post, Blake Glosson shared “7 Things Christians Can Learn From Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.” The pastoral resident and MDiv student, who attended one of the pop star’s concerts this summer, wrote that “the spiritual connections were vast.”

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After critics mocked Glosson, his article, and TGC, the group removed the post, leaving blank space in its wake. In response to the “Well, this is embarrassing…” error message users now receive upon clicking the Taylor Swift article link, someone commented, “[to be honest] TGC should just make this a permanent header.”

The Gospel Coalition: Fearless Comparisons Between Following Taylor Swift & Christ

Glosson’s article was timed for the premiere of Swift’s “Eras Tour” movie, which is drawing crowds of enthusiastic viewers. He explored comparisons between the singer’s fan base and Christian living, such as “We were created to be seen and known” and “The object of our greatest affection will be more beautiful than we imagined.”

Glosson admitted feeling “sad joy” the day after seeing Swift in concert, realizing the much-anticipated experience was over. By contrast, he noted, the joy of the Lord contains nothing sorrowful (see Proverbs 10:22).

Glosson also wrote about Swift’s attire and her fans dressing up to attend her shows. In comparison, “We were created to shimmer as jewels on the crown of Christ’s head,” he said.

Referencing numerous Bible verses, Glosson emphasized that “only Jesus” can “ultimately satisfy our longings.” And only our Creator deserves “worshipful praise.” He concluded, “Our souls were created for full and eternal joy, which can be found in Christ alone.”

Taylor Swift Article Leaves Some Readers Seeing Red

Reaction to the The Gospel Coalition article was swift, with comments highly critical of both the organization and the author. “This is where trying to be ‘relevant’ leads you,” someone wrote, claiming that TGC is gaining a bad reputation. Earlier this year, TGC heard complaints about an article by Pastor Josh Butler regarding sex.

Joel Berry, managing editor of the satirical Babylon Bee, reposted the article on social media, writing, “Need to call TGC and see if their editors will let me republish this entire article word for word in @TheBabylonBee.” Other comments took aim at the author. “How effeminate can evangelical men get?” someone asked.

To get people to calm down, some commenters defended the author’s intent, if not the end game. “I like the concept but don’t like the idea of ‘lessons we can learn,’” someone wrote. “But it is true that people at those concerts experience worship…of an idol. The article could have been written on that fact and how we should truly worship Christ with all we are—as many of her fans do.”