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Caedmon’s Call Band Member Dressed in Drag Alongside Flamy Grant at the 54th Annual Dove Awards

Derek Webb Flamy Grant Semler
Screengrab via X / @derekwebb

After years as a member of the Christian band Caedmon’s Call, Derek Webb navigated a couple of decades as a successful solo artist. Earlier this week, he, along with his friends Flamy Grant and Semler, posed for pictures all while dressed in drag. They were headed to the 54th annual Dove Awards—aiming to “expose, promote and celebrate the Gospel through music.”

It’s the “Christian Music Prom,” posted Semler alongside photos of the trio getting ready for the awards show.

Derek Webb Proudly Wore a Dress to the Dove Awards

It’s unclear who prompted the trio to get ready together and head to the Dove Awards all dressed in drag. Webb, Flamy Grant, and Semler took a number of photos while they prepared for the evening and while they were headed to the awards show.

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Alongside a photo of himself with Flamy Grant and Semler, Webb added the caption, “54th annual Dove awards, here we come.”

With nearly 300,000 views and hundreds of reactions, fans around the world are eager to give their opinions of Webb’s wardrobe choice.

One simply said, “Hard pass.” Many others quoted Scripture standing against Webb’s choice don a dress.

However, another took a softer approach to his support. “I’m happy you’re happy, Derek. Caedman’s [sic] Call helped me so much during my beginning walk with Jesus,” the comment read. “You also introduced me to Rich Mullins. I will forever have your back. Love you.”

“I am deeply saddened by the deception that has disillusioned you into believing that God condones homosexuality and transgenderism,” commented someone else. “That said, I clicked on your link to listen to one of your songs and I am astonished by what I heard.”

This Isn’t the First Time Derek Webb and Flamy Grant Have Worked Together

Webb and Flamy Grant both have publicly supported the LGBTQ+ community while navigating successful Christian music careers. Flamy Grant is an openly queer man who often dresses in drag. Grant said, “I’m a singing/songwriting drag queen named after arguably the most successful Christian artist of all time.”

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Grant has joined a lawsuit against Tennessee’s Anti-Drag Act. “I think it’s an issue of defending our First Amendment rights as artists, queer people and as citizens,” said Grant.