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‘Satan-Drenched Theology’—Rosaria Butterfield Weighs In on Unconditional Conference, Andy Stanley’s Teachings on LGBTQ+ Issues

Rosaria Butterfield
Screengrab via YouTube / @Josh Daws

Writer and speaker Rosaria Butterfield has added her voice to the chorus of people speaking out against the Unconditional Conference, a controversial event recently held at Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church that was aimed at helping parents cultivate healthy relationships with their LGBTQ+ children. 

The Unconditional Conference came under fire when it was revealed that most of the keynote speakers held to LGBTQ+ affirming theology, including two married gay men. Stanley has since stated that neither he nor North Point Community Church have changed their views on marriage and sexuality, though many critics remain unconvinced. 

Butterfield’s remarks about the conference came on “The Great Awokening podcast, which is hosted by Josh Daws. 

To preface the conversation, Daws expressed his belief that Andy Stanley and North Point Community Church have “departed from biblical Christianity.” Daws further explained that he felt he needed “to speak up” in light of the fact that he worked on the North Point staff “in various capacities” from 2004 to 2013. 

Throughout the interview, Butterfield was freewheeling in her criticism of those within the American evangelical church who she feels have not adequately addressed the sexual sins of the culture.

Discussing her personal journey of going from being a lesbian and an activist for LGBTQ+ rights to being a pastor’s wife and a grandma, Butterfield expressed concern about the theology held by many evangelical leaders today, referring to organizations like Revoice conference and individuals like theologian Preston Sprinkle as “all of that heresy” and “false teaching.” 

She went on to criticize author Jen Wilkin for favorable view of public school education, which Butterfield believes is a feeding ground for LGBTQ+ indoctrination. Butterfield remarked, “You gotta know what time it is.” 

Butterfield further accused evangelicals of drinking “from the well of David French,” a Christian author and legal expert, because “pluralism sounds much, much more accommodating than the gospel.”

Speaking directly about North Point’s Unconditional Conference, Butterfield said, “I mean, I just couldn’t stomach it. There’s just not enough Tums in the closet for me to listen to too much Andy Stanley.”

“You just kind of wonder whether any of these people ever took a logic class,” she added, saying that the teaching presented at the Unconditional Conference was based on “emotional, manipulative analogies.” 

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Butterfield alleged that Stanley has turned trans children into the “totem” of an evil age, saying, “You’re all just marching behind the totem of this trans child, and you are doing damage.”